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Hangzhou West Lake Longjing

Hangzhou West Lake Longjing tea, tea ranks first in China. Produced in West Lake, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province of the surrounding mountains. Over the years, Hangzhou's West Lake is not only famous for the beautiful community, but also to the world famous West Lake Longjing tea. According to legend, when Emperor Qianlong visited Hangzhou, Longjing tea areas in India for, poem entitled "Song of view for picking." West Lake Longjing tea to a "lion (peak), Long (Well), Cloud (Habitat), tiger (run), Mei" with the first goods to the West Lake Longjing tea for the most. Longjing tea sharpened straight appearance, Toshihide flat, smooth uniform homogeneous, significant yellow color in the green. After brewing, GAO lasting aroma, apricot liquor color green, clear, bright, Securinega green, even flowers, buds bud upright, lifelike. Commodities tea soup, fresh, teeth Liufang, memorable.