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The production of pure chocolate cake

Product formula
67g fresh cream
167g chocolate chip
125g butter
125g egg yolk
Low-gluten flour 65g
60g cocoa powder
Spice chocolate 3g
250g protein
Tata powder 5g
175g fine sugar
25g corn flour
Method products
1, fresh cream, chocolate melting Impermeable backup heating.
2, Angaur cream away, at times by adding egg yolk, stirring evenly, then add the milk back-up oil, chocolate and chocolate spice.
3, low-gluten face, cocoa powder, after screening, by adding uniform mixing.
4, protein powder fine play by adding one point sparkling sugar, after a half-fat corn flour together with the wet foam to fight.
5, take 1 / 3 protein in the first bubble to the batter mix, batter poured into the basin and then the whole protein, can be evenly mixed.