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Chocolate of the custody and indicators

Chocolate and chocolate products is a strong heat-sensitive and not easily preserved food. Storage temperature should be controlled between 10-15 C, relative humidity no higher than 50%. Improper storage of deformation softening occurs, the surface of gray, internal foundry, or aroma reduction and so on.
Or did not open the packaging of the chocolate used to be sealed again, on a cool dry place. Chocolate sauce, or fillings should be stored in cabinets Add fresh.
(1) sensory indicators
Fragrance color: uniform color and sharp, with the proper color varieties; pure fragrance with the aroma of the species due; Heshun modest tastes. Form: correct block-shaped, the edge of neat, non-repudiation of angle cracks, the surface smooth, clear lines, the size of uniform, consistent. Organization: surface shiny, close profile, no more than 1 mm holes, smooth texture and delicate, non-paste dip tongue mouth; Packaging: Packaging work closely not loose, no damage, logo and content match.
(2) weight indicators
Logo as specified in line with the weight of packaging.
(3) physical and chemical indicators
Moisture: less than 1% in size between 20-35m.
(4) health indicators
Copper content of less than 10 mg / kg, the lead content of less than 1.0 mg / kg, arsenic content less than 0.5 mg / kg, the total number of less than 5000 bacteria / g. Pathogens may not be detected. Apple sodium less than 600 mg / kg, less than monostearin 6000 mg / kg, shellac is less than 200 mg / kg.