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The objection to the birth of Jesus

Although the Christian Church has always insisted on the New Testament Gospels was written by eyewitnesses, but by the scientist Ye concept of a total of studies have shown that the Gospels, the Gospel book is a hundred years compiled by different authors modified literature. In addition to the Gospels, there is no reliable records have confirmed the existence of Jesus. Written records of some scholars that the Christians got the upper hand after it is forged. First of all, the only description of the birth of Jesus, "Matthew" and "Luke" is self-contradictory. "Matthew" was told that the pregnancy is Joseph, and "Luke" and that Mary was told. At the same time, not two Gospels at the same time they were accused of the plot. And date of birth are also contradictions, if Matthew is a true record of the case, Herod died in 4 years BC, then Jesus was born in 6 BC to 4 years BC, but the circumstances of Luke's Syrian governor Home Twist in the term of office is not this time, there can be no census. In fact according to the census mentioned in Luke's Roman period of Jewish historians records, census de 6 years in the Jewish area (Judea) carried out, while Luke said that in ancient Rome, on the national census obviously lying (Luke 2:1), there is no history in ancient Rome, the official confirmed the plot of Luke. There are the most important, modern historians of ancient Rome Roman Empire found that the census is to place of residence or work to carry out the census, rather than the location or place of birth ancestors. Because the census is aimed at local governments to pay taxes, can only be used in place of residence and income tax. Roman law and this has continued to the modern western countries. Luke Joseph speaking to the so-called from the living ancestors of David Bethlehem lie on the List is only to be attached to the Old Testament books Mi Galerkin Chapter 5, section 2, and fabricated stories. In addition, "Matthew," Chapter 24 talk about Jesus born in Nazareth, and "Luke" talk Jesus born in Bethlehem. And "Mark" and "John" that Jesus was born in Nazareth (?ǦҦ? Ӧ? ͦƦ?, in Greek means the place of birth). For example, John 1:45-46 is very clear that Jesus is the Nazarene (??ҦʦŦ ?˦ɦЦЦ? ? ͦȦͦ? ʦ? ?æŦ ??, ? ?æѦצŦ ̦??? ? ? ?? ʦ? ? ЦѦϦ?Ӧ ??ʦ̦Ŧ, ?ǦҦ? ?? Ӧ? ?ئ? ? ?? ͦƦ?. ? ?ЦŦ ?? ͦȦͦ?, ? ͦƦ? ?ͦӦ? Ӧ ?æ? ?ͦ ?æŦ ?? [?] ?˦ɦЦЦ?, ?Ѧ֦Ϧ ʦ? ?Ħ.). And John 7:41-42 it is clear that the birth of Jesus was in Galilee, not Bethlehem. Also in Bethlehem early BC is fixed, it is not the name of the city, but all can produce the name of the town of flour. Because of Bethlehem in Bethlehem in Hebrew refers to the bakery (Romanization of Hebrew Beit Lehem, that House of Bread). In the Old Testament "Joshua" Chapter 19 in 15 mentioned at the Bethlehem Galilee Matthew more likely to be referred to King David of Bethlehem, not Bethlehem. Therefore the study also believe that Jesus Christ was born not in Bethlehem, and Matthew just wants to be attached to the Old Testament and the fabricated. Jesus is speaking and then Matthew born at home in the Joseph (Matthew 1:24-25, 2:11), Luke stresses is the birthplace of Bethlehem on his way back to the stables. Matthew Zoroastrian priests talking about the congratulations and the big stars in heaven, Luke speak only been a shepherd before the angels to be congratulated. Matthew concocted this plot is to be attached to the Old Testament, "Numbers" 24 Chapter 17. At the same time, "Matthew," Jesus in the immediate family fled to Egypt, did not come back from Egypt have been Jewish, and then this is the first time to settle in Nazareth. And contrary to "Luke" has been a talk about Jesus living in Nazareth, Jesus was circumcised 8 days after birth, 33 days later went to the Jerusalem Temple, and then directly back to Nazareth (Luke 2:22, Lee had not been recorded in 12:4). On the other hand, if Jesus is the virgin born, then his blood would be no King David, even if the "Matthew" and "Luke" the author spent a great deal of space to fabricate a table of descent. What is even more ridiculous is that Matthew and Luke of the descent of the descent Table Table is also self-contradictory, the name of the number of non-fully. Luke out of 41 people, Matthew has been out only 27. At the same time, "John" Chapter 7 of 42 are also very clear that Jesus is not simply the descendants of King David. Even in Mark 12:35-37 where Jesus himself would deny the savior of the descendants of David. Therefore, 98% of academics believe that the Western scholars on the New Testament records the birth of Jesus are fabricated story, historical events can not be absolute, but rather in accordance with the story of Moses and Isaiah in the Old Testament prophecies and indemnity for the re-Galerkin book conformation. In other words, the Gospel is not the realization of the Old Testament prophecies, but copying the Old Testament Gospel predicted. This is also the Jews do not believe that Jesus is the savior of one of the reasons why. The same as early as the early BC, the ancient Roman philosopher and Rogelio S. Osborn and power has long been proved that self-contradictory Gospels, Jesus was a Roman soldier at the end of a pull than the left Lionel's illegitimate child . And described in detail in medieval Hebrew literature "life of Jesus (Toledot Yeshu)" point of view of orthodox Judaism that Jesus an illegitimate child (see the University of Pennsylvania Jewish literature link).
And the history of the existence of Jesus is the true history of a major controversy. Ancient Roman times to modern times, there are many scholars, theologians and philosophers believe that Jesus did not exist. Ye by most modern scholars and historians believe that Jesus is a historical figure, but only a Jewish teacher from Galilee, there is no God, and the New Testament is not history but literature. Some scholars, such as Pulitzer Prize winner (William James Durant), Jerzy by Canadian scholars el Doherty (Earl J. Doherty), the United States, Robert Price, Professor of Theology (Robert McNair Price ) and City University of London, Professor George Will (George Albert Wells) and others, as well as Amsterdam, the Netherlands School of radicals that do not have any of the New Testament description of Jesus Christ and the facts have never been real. Some scholars to the study of Jesus as represented in the New Testament that there is some historical facts, especially in quotations, but the author of the New Testament and transformation have been exaggerated. The world's only conservative Christians believe that Jesus is also fully God and 100%, some other religions believe that Jesus is the prophet of God, or a great teacher.