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Christmas Day from the birth of Titan

December 25 is the de 274 King Aurelius in Rome to celebrate the good designated official of the Roman Empire to celebrate the Syrian-Egyptian Ra La GABA (El-Gabal) and Iran Mitra festival Titan Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (which means "not to conquer the sun, "birthday), which continued until the Christian festival was designated as the state religion after the be prohibited. Syria is the earliest worship of the sun god in ancient Rome, Yunus Anthony King (Marcus Antoninus) the introduction of the ancient Roman Empire was also replaced the main god Jupiter, and in good Ole King national holiday period. This day is to celebrate the rebirth or return of the sun, because that day is the shortest day of the year, the date, using the concept of China that refers to the Roman calendar the Winter Solstice Festival. After that day, will gradually change during the day long, the pagan sun god worship this day as the spring of all the hope that things start to recover. At the same time return the sun to celebrate the day in different cultures around the world are celebrating an important holiday. Titan exists culture, which have become one day the sun was personified days after the birth. Early Church of Christ in order to take advantage of this day holiday, also tried to Christian and pagan customs, they designated the birthday of Jesus in the day. Therefore, to remove the imposition of the religious significance of Christmas Day is actually a Western "winter" day.
As early as the late Neolithic period, which is the original human for a day to celebrate the harvest and kill livestock and wine of the day category. The Nordic Sami indigenous people in this day they worship the sun god of the North Granville (Beiwe). Sumerian, Babylonian and other ancient Mesopotamia, the region on this day to celebrate the sun god Marduk defeated the dark. On this day Hindu festival in the Titan (Surya). Zoroastrian Iranian nation and the only on that day to celebrate the sun god Mitra festival over darkness "section (Yalda)", is one of Iran the first day of the calendar, marking the beginning of winter. Ancient Slavic nation that the old halls Titan (Hors) in the year, the longest night of December 22 was the god of darkness after the defeat of death, so that end Slavs jumped dance Holo (Horo / Khorovod), the day after , that is, halls Apollo 23 come back from the dead, the ancient Titan new cases (Koleda). In Aegean civilizations, this day is called the Festival were satisfied (Lenaia), Delos Greece is the first day of the calendar is to commemorate the day Priestess of Dionysus Dionysus was the United States and Helena de shredded and eaten the baby and to generate . The impact of this festival to the ancient Roman Republic and became the god of wine Memorial Day (Brumalia, the Latin word for the shortest day). At the same time, Roman is also 17-23 December of the week to commemorate the Roman god of agriculture Turnus Satu (Saturnus) the name of the dinner. These on the Indo-European myth of the sun was near Jerusalem by the modern scholars believe that Jesus is the origin of belief. Agriculture is not just to commemorate God's dinner and the birthday of the sun god, and Jesus is the image of the early Christian statues and Mitra borrowed from the same origin in virgin and come back from the dead based on the story of other myths. Newton not only believe that Christmas Day is determined by the winter solstice, and the 16th-century France, Professor of Rhetoric Mrs Adams Park (Charles Dupuis) and philosophers Darnyi V (Constantin-Fran?ois Volney) pointed out that the life of Jesus according to the Sun through the ecliptic track to shape, and this point with Syria, Egypt and Persia agreed Ra, are born in winter, with Virgo rising, and then until the spring equinox as Aries appears on the resurrection, is the by-laws will be Virgin Mary Block, there are the sheep of Jesus is actually implied by the metaphor of the sun through Aries.
China and China's winter solstice is a very important lunar cycle of is a traditional festival, there are still many places have had the custom of the winter solstice festival. Winter Solstice, commonly known as "Winter Festival", "long section", "Asia-year-old" and so on. More than 2500 years ago, back in the Spring and Autumn Period, China has been observing the sun with to the determination of the winter solstice, it is the 24 solar terms in the first one worked out. Time equivalent to the annual calendar or Gregorian calendar in December 21 or between 22. The northern hemisphere winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, the longest night of the day, after the winter solstice, the day will be a long day. Determination of the modern science of astronomy, the winter solstice the sun directly on the Tropic of Capricorn, the sun most of the northern hemisphere is tilted, the northern hemisphere the shortest day, longest night, after that day, the sun has gradually been moving north. There is an old saying on the winter solstice is: cathode matter to the beginning yang-sheng, on the south, on extremely short, extremely long,"winter." After the winter solstice, the climate is entering a phase of the coldest, which is often said the "the 9", China's civil society have a "cold in 39, heat in the dog day" is. In ancient China attaches great importance to the winter solstice, the winter solstice holiday as a larger, there have been "as large as in winter" is, but also the custom of celebrating the winter solstice.