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Christmas Day to explain the origin of the other

There have been many different dates have been proposed for the commemoration of the birth of Jesus, but why on December 25 to commemorate such a day there are other explanations. Here are the other possible reasons for this:
First, the Catholic Encyclopedia's entry on Christmas Day, introduced the first Christmas all over. Christmas does not appear in the early Christian period in the section, such as Irenaeus and Tertullian were not mentioned. On the Christmas period from the earliest records of about AD 200 years of Alexandria, Alexandria, when Clement said, some theologians in Egypt not only the Date of Birth of Christ, but also the birthday of his over-curious, and to set the birthday of Augustus Pachon on North Korea on the 25th (that is the Gregorian calendar May 20). 325 in the first public meeting of Polynesia Alexandria identified the Church dies Nativitatis et Epiphaniae (Christmas and the date of Epiphany). In December to celebrate Christmas in the fifth century when the introduction of Egypt. In Jerusalem, pilgrims from Bordeaux Egeria (also known as Silvia) witness Candlemas Day (after Christmas) on January 6 in the future, and for the local Christmas on January 6. In Antioch, around 386 AD John Chrysostom Church called for unity in the December 25 celebration of the birth of Christ, which some people in the other days to celebrate this festival has been at least a decade.
Second, Christmas Day based on the Passion of Jesus. Jesus died as a result of the exact date of the book in the four Gospel records is not clear, the early Christians that try to come around March 25 or April 6. According to the Bible prophecies of the Old Testament Messiah will die of the whole, he came of age or a full year of Christians in order to project the birthday of Jesus: The Passion of Jesus together with the 9 months on his birthday - 25 December or 1 6. However, this argument has never been recognized Jerusalem as scholars. Only some non-Christian Church of Christ in the guise of deception. In fact the date of Easter is different every year, death is not the same day, while the calendar is a mess. On the assumption that the New Testament does not tell lies and to ignore the four Gospels of the self-contradictory assumptions at the same time The Last Supper is the Passover dinner, under the premise of Romania in 2003 astronomers de Liviu Mircea and Tiberiu Oproiu the results of computer calculation of the date of death of Jesus is 33 de April 3 in 15:00 Friday. Newton operator is de 34 years April 23. Even so, the premise of different assumptions and results obtained are different.
Third, early Christians borrowed pagan gods such as Apollo different Ra, hell Magistrate Horus (Egypt, one of the main god), Cupid (the main Roman god), Ploutos (Greek God), released(Buddhism) or the ancient times had Noah's birthday to celebrate Sun Ning recorded. From Jesus and Mary on the Horus and his mother story. Click here to say that Christmas is stolen from the pagans in return.
Fourth, from the birth of Jesus in light of the traditional festival (Jewish Hanukkah, Lou color on (Kislev) 25 days, began in Tevet). Lou corresponding color on the general calendar in December. In the old Julian calendar, the birthday of Jesus is a 5-year BC 25 Lou color, corresponding to the Gregorian calendar is November 25.
Article IV of more than a third can be used to explain the return of the sun, and obviously does not hold a second. A lot of evidence to show that Jesus was not born December 25, "New Testament" there is no record of Jesus told his disciples to celebrate the birthday of Christ and his disciples to celebrate the birthday. Jesus was born the day may be around October 1; because only in this time of year, will shepherd the flock at the outdoor guards. (Luke 2:8-12). According to another astronomer Kepler, "Matthew" by the birth of Jesus as described in the astronomical phenomena - "a big star in heaven", the projected 6 years BC April 17 birthday of Jesus is the exact date.