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Christmas customs and celebrate the

Westerners to red, green and white color for Christmas, Christmas comes every household to be used for the decoration of Christmas color. Red Christmas flowers and Christmas candles. Green is the Christmas tree. It is a major feature of Christmas, with the felling of fir, Parkinson was a class of an evergreen tree decorated by the pyramid. Above colorful hanging lanterns, gifts, and paper flowers, also lit the Christmas candles.
of red and white Santa Claus, Christmas activities, he is the most popular figures. Western children before Christmas Eve, in the fireplace or put a pillow next to socks, waiting for Santa Claus in their sleep with socks on the gift. In the West, is also a custom to play Santa Claus.
Large number of Christmas customs, including the secular, religious, national, Christmas-related, vary greatly between countries. Most people are familiar with Christmas symbols and activities such as Christmas trees, Christmas ham, Christmas wood, holly, mistletoe, as well as each other gifts, are Christian missionaries from the early pagan winter solstice holiday Asatru in absorption from Yule. Celebration of the winter solstice arrived back in Northern Europe before Christianity there has been extensive, today the word Christmas in the Scandinavian languages is still in pagan jul (or yule). Christmas trees are considered first in Germany.
Pope places me I did not try to prohibit the popular pagan festival, but rather allow Christian chaplains to give to them to re-interpret the meaning of Christianity, he allowed most of the custom to continue, just a little amendment to, or even maintain the original 2 . Religious and government authorities and between the celebration of Christmas to continue transaction. God in the Christian right to rule and prosperity, such as under the rule of Cromwell in England and early colonial New England, celebration activities are prohibited 3. After the Russian Revolution, Christmas celebration was the Soviet Union banned the Communist regime 75 years. In spite of the present number of Christian denominations, such as Jehovah's Witnesses, some Puritan-based organizations to send and is still the Bible, Christmas is not recognized as a pagan holiday, and refused to celebrate.