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Santa Claus and his gift to bring

Christmas gifts has become a global movement close to the habit. Mysterious figure gifts to the children the concept is derived from St. Nicholas, Nicholas, a 4th century Asia Minor to live in the good Bishop. Dutch Festival at St. Nicholas (December 6) to imitate his gifts. In North America, the British colonialists into this tradition of celebrating the Christmas holidays, the Sinterklaas and Santa Claus will be a corresponding, or known as Saint Nick (St. Nick) a person. Americans in the British tradition, Santa Claus is always happy riding in the Christmas Eve arrival of reindeer pulling the sled, crawl into the house from the chimney to leave gifts to the children, the children ate the food left for him . In his one-year time of other busy making gifts and monitoring children's behavior and recorded.
Santa Claus is called in French Pre Noel (Santa Claus almost identical with), its red and white clothes and white Coca-Cola Company has been so inspired, in the 1930s and spread throughout the world to draw the image of Santa Claus. In some cultures, Santa Claus with the side with Knecht Ruprecht, or referred to as the "Black Peter" (Black Peter) guy. Some versions of the toy workshop produced dwarf gift, and sometimes Mrs. Santa Claus and Christmas is a husband and wife. During the Christmas season in North America and the UK supermarkets, have a child can be a gift to Santa Claus to appear.
In many countries, children were ready to empty containers, so that Santa Claus can be put into some small gifts, such as toys, candy or fruit. In the United States, children in the fireplace on Christmas Eve hanging Christmas stockings, Santa Claus said, because in the Christmas Eve gift from the chimney down to put socks in. In other countries, children put shoes on the outdoor air in order to be in the Christmas Eve Santa Claus (or St. Nicholas Day on December 5) gift. Gift not only refers to Santa Claus, family members and friends to give gifts each other.