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Suzhou, Jiangsu province Dongting Biluochun

Suzhou, Jiangsu province Dongting Biluochun, ranking second. One of the famous Chinese green tea. Dongting Biluochun tea produced in the Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Taihu Lake Dongting Mountain Wuxian. Locally known as "rich and the poor will scare Shannon." Biluochun tea thin cord, coiled into a spiral, spread over hair, dark green color. After brewing,Sheng Jin, fresh fragrance, soup Lushui Che, Ye anything even tender. High Biluochun especially, can be put after the first flush of tea, tea is still slowly sinking, Xiang Fang Ye exhibition, which is sturdy the performance of tea as well as other teas can not be compared. Therefore, there is this argument: Biluochun is "copper wire, the spiral-shaped, body hair, a soft (that shoots) (referring to color, flavor and taste) since ancient times less." At present, most of them are still using manual methods of frying, the process is: fixing - speculation rub - rubbing Mission for drying. Three processes at one go in the same pot. Rub fried frying characteristics of both, the key references to dollars, that is, twist Mission for drying processes.