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Origin of Santa Claus

The name of the original Santa Claus Nicholas, in the fourth century, was born in Asia Minor Magdalene Pakistani City, the richest families, the parents are very active Friends of the Catholic Church, unfortunately, the untimely death of his parents. Nicholas grow up, put a wealth of property, all donated to the needy poor people, while they become religious, dedicated the church, life to serve the community. Nicholas was made a priest, but also promoted to bishop. Among his life, done a lot of charity work, he likes to help the poor in secret, Santa Claus is the alias he was, the name is from his money secretly to help the story of three girls.
It is said that not far from where Nicholas lived three beautiful girls, they are 20, 18, 16-year-old. Father was a needy scholars often rely on the borrower to live. On one occasion, because there is no ability to repay, so hard-hearted to the health of three beautiful daughters, sold to creditors who brought the maid to do in Africa. Three daughters know about the incident, they wept and hugged a sad, sad situation at home is imaginable. Nicholas knows the matter went to their home, a lot of comfort. By night, Nicholas filled three long gold socks, secretly linked to the three girls in the window. They have gold, but also his father's debts, the three daughters will be free from the fate of the maid for. It is the second day of Christmas, they know a good thing for Nicholas, could he please come to a celebration to thank the side. After each section of the St. extension, the three girls talk about the story on. After listening to the children, very envious of, I hope Santa Claus to give him a gift of socks.
Santa Claus goes back to the source of the last century, as we know, he is the mysterious legends and people of different types of combination. Santa Claus is the predecessor of the western Turkish port city of Izmir, Bishop Nicholas, he lived in the 4th century AD, is a kind-hearted, generous, very good for the rich kids. Nicholas Orthodox respect, as those who work miracles. In Germany, central and northern regions, Nicholas, known as "Santa Claus" in the United Kingdom known as the "Father Christmas", was the United States, later known as the Dutch immigration "SantaClaus". The children want to know where Santa Claus lives, when they receive the gift? The answer is usually living in the North Pole Santa Claus and his Christmas gift workshop production. Children in 1927 was called "Markus uncle" of children's programs for the first time revealed MarkusRautio Moderator: Santa Claus lives in Lapland, Korvatunturi.