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The Origin of Christmas turkeys to eat

In a traditional Christmas dinner table, the roast turkey is not the lack of food. In some Asian countries, perhaps only days to eat turkey this Christmas to celebrate the season; but in Europe and the United States, especially in the American continent, Turkey is a very ordinary meat, but also in the Thanksgiving Day and Christmas this two days, turkey is the traditional food.
American specialty turkeys in the Americas before the Europeans, Indians have been domesticated. Turkey's name in English is called "Turkey." Because the Europeans think it looks like Turkey's clothing: Black-red body. Europeans like to eat very. After immigration to America, has not raised to eat will have a good goose geese requirements, then eat turkey, geese found delicious than turkey. And North America, there is a lot of turkey. Then roast turkey dishes become Americans, it is important festivals essential. This custom has been 300 years of history. It is said that Christmas in 1620, a large number of immigrants from the United Kingdom arrived in the American continent, the Park Hill in Plymouth. At that time, there bussan poor, only the turkey all over the mountain, so they will catch the turkey as the main festival. Christmas dinner, therefore, in addition to ham, sweet potatoes, vegetables, raisins, pudding, fruit cake, cocktails outside and, of course, the turkeys, "man" again!
The most traditional practices turkey is very simple, you only need to salt and pepper inside and outside Turkey by the end of the full application, and then bake in the oven in about 3 hours to. Eating turkey nearly four hundred years of history. The symbol of harvest feast Thanksgiving Reunion "Christmas Dinner" and "Thanks giving Dinner" in the "Dinner" does not refer to the original dinner. But should be eaten at noon. Because of Thanksgiving Day in November each year on Thursday, the fourth week. Have been very close to Christmas this year's major festivals. Thanksgiving and Christmas is the day Jesus comes. Therefore, the symbol of the Thanksgiving turkey will be extended to the Christmas. When the arrival of Christmas, there will always think of tasty turkey.