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Christmas tree

1. It is said that at about the sixteenth century, one of the first German evergreen pines and cypresses that sticks to get housing in the display, and later, the German missionaries Martin Luther candle on the fir tree in the woods, and then set fire to It looks like to guide people to the Star of Bethlehem, as the pre-millennium Dr. Orient three stars according to the sky to find Jesus in general. Today, people have to use small light bulbs instead of candles.
2. Legends a long time ago, a farmer, in the Christmas Day met a poor child, he received enthusiastic children, the kids leave folding pine inserted under the root on the ground, immediately turned into a pine tree, hung above a gift to acknowledge the goodwill of farmers.
Christmas tree (Christmas tree) is a Christmas celebration in one of the most famous traditions. It is usually around the Christmas tree in the evergreen plants such as trees get into the house or outdoors, and Christmas ornaments and decorative color. And an angel or star on top of the tree.
and accessories with the Larch fir tree or decorate with evergreen, as part of Christmas celebrations. Modern Christmas tree originated in Germany. Germany each year on December 24, that Adam and Eve Festival, arranged in a fir tree house (the tree of the Garden of Eden), the thin biscuits, a symbol of San cake (Christians mark Yom Kippur). To use all kinds of modern saint cake instead of cookies, but also a symbol of Christ, often with candles. In addition, the interior also has a Christmas tower, is a triangular wooden structure, there are many small plane grid placed the statue of Christ, body decorated with evergreen branches and leaves, candles and a star. To the 16th century tower and the Garden of Eden Christmas tree into a Christmas tree.
The 18th century, such custom Lutheran followers in Germany quite popular, but was popular until the 19th century the country has become deep-rooted tradition in Germany. The early 19th century, the Christmas tree spread to the United Kingdom; the mid-19th century Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert of Germany to promote the universal. Victorian Christmas tree decorated with candles, candy and cake designs, with ribbons and paper chains hanging in the branches. Christmas tree as early as the 17th century by German immigrants to North America, to the 19th century is widely popular. In Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Netherlands are also very popular. In China and Japan, the Christmas tree on the 19th and 20th century missionaries from the United States imported more decorated with colorful paper flowers.
In Western countries, Christmas is also a family reunion and celebration of the festival, usually display a Christmas tree at home. In the West, whether or not Christians should be ready for Christmas when a Christmas tree in order to enhance the festive atmosphere. Fir trees are generally used, such as Parkinson made evergreen, a symbol of life forever.a tree decorated with a variety of colorful flowers, toys, stars, put up all kinds of Christmas gifts. Christmas Eve, people sing and dance around the Christmas tree, Be Happy.