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The history of cocoa

Cocoa exported from South America to Europe, Asia and Africa the process is tortuous and long. Before the 16th century cocoa has not been living in the plains outside of the Amazon know, when it is not raw cocoa beverages. Because of the scarcity of precious seed, so the local people to the seeds of cocoa (cocoa beans) to use as currency, called "Cocoa called from power." Half of the 16th century, cocoa spread to Mexico through the American isthmus, and then into the Inca empire in southern Brazil in this territory, as soon as the local favorite. They collected wild cocoa, the broken kernel, processed into a so-called "off in Choctaw" (meaning "suffering") drinks. The middle of the 16th century, Europeans came to America, found a cocoa and realize that this is a valuable cash crops, they "Choctaw Lane off" based on the research and development of cocoa and chocolate drinks. End of the 16th century, the world's first chocolate factory by the then Spanish government set up, but the beginning of the aristocracy and are unwilling to accept some cocoa to make the food and drink, and even to the 18th century, the British aristocracy of a cocoa also as " from South America to the riffraff. " Cocoa naming late, until the 18th century, learned at home in Sweden before the Linnean name for it, plus the word species is "cocoa tree." Later, as a result of chocolate and cocoa powder in the sports arena has become the most important energy supplements, has played a huge role, people put the cocoa tree as "tree god food", the cocoa drink as "immortal drink."