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Characteristics and properties of

Evergreen trees, lush canopy; bark thick, dark brown to gray in color; Softwood brown hair was short Sophie; leaves of Quercus,long oval to long oval inverted, linear stipule, as early as charged. Poly umbrella inflorescence, petals yellow; ovary was oval, a little edge 5. Fruit oval or long oval, deep yellow when ripe, or close to red, brown after dry, thick skin, meat, seeds oval, slightly flattened shape.
Can be a welcome warm and humid climate and rich organic matter on the gentle slope, in poor drainage and heavy clay or frequently exposed to strong winds hit parts of the plant does not. The use of seed breeding, also with the budding; sik 4 ~ 5 years after the beginning of strong, 10 years after the harvest increased to 40 to 50 years after production was gradually reduced.