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TV: "cocoa"

Director: Director: Xu Geng
Starring: Xuebing - high Xiaotao decorated - decorated Ma,- Chen Xili decorated in the glory - decorated captain Liu, - Chan Pan decorative art heart - decorated Zhang Yiping Wang Luo Dan - decorated Xiaoding Chen teachers on - decorated Ma-ri,
Plot overview
"Daddy" is not really my father, "Daddy" is still a matter of fact just a big boy early twenties, "father" called high Xiaotao. Xiaotao has the high school graduation from the police more than half a year, and due to have reacted swiftly and ferocious shot was head and master that is a very talented Interpol, but they are cool, some thought, it is often impractical to do something heroic dream , called his girlfriend Xiaoding dumbfounding ... ...