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1. "The Classic": gas main on, knot spit gas absorption, Lee joints, Buzhong.
2. "Not recorded": the main pain, threatening winds, Wen tendons, Tongmai, only tired, sweating. Temperature of the main benefits hepatopulmonary gas, confidants cold and heat, cold diseases, cholera tendon transfer, headache, back pain, only spit, cough, nasal ; to abortion, Kennedy Beck, pass blood, of the rationale for lack of thinning; 100 drug advocacy, non - by fear.
3. "Property theory": attending nine heart, killing three insects, the main , closed on Tom Lee, Zhi-soft legs, paralysis, heartless, no less than afterbirth, with the exception of guitar gas, Bi Yong, only intra-abdominal air-conditioning, can not tolerate the pain, the main diarrhea, and nasal polyps. Poison to kill vegetation.
4. "Hanako Japanese herbal medicine": all the atmosphere of governance to make up for five-seven injured workers, customs , Lee joints, Yijing, Mingmu warm , breaking addiction Zhengjia Consumers blood, Bi Feng Zhi-Beck contracture continued bones and tendons, the muscles of Health.
5. "Pearl sac": to the Guardian in , autumn and lower abdominal pain.
6. Qiyuan Medicine ": lack of fill under the coke, cold governance Shen Han obstinate disease and spontaneous virtual table. "Waitai Miyao attending": dialysis China, thirst.
7. "Drug-force": San , governance.
8. Haogu Wang: make up less than Mingmen, Yin Xiao Yi fire.
9. "Order": governance cold Bi, wind dumb, blood loss, , Yang Zhi-epileptic hemorrhagic shock, ulcer Neto pox sores, blood and sweat can be cited suppuration, acutus snake poison solution.
10. "Soup liquid herbal medicine": the number of all-gui and so on, are the size of the old Zhuang different. ... ... "Materia Medica," said a small drug, but also from the category of, and baicalin, berberine to make, small drug Ho Shi; and Ukraine, to make by-laws, is just too hot; if those with the use of toxic, both drugs are small to very large drug transfer; with ginseng, Michael L, with the use of licorice can be adjusted in the Qi may be . Know that the drug can actually care Rong Wei gas gas, in full sun, as also, into the heart, is also in hand Shaoyin. If the word refers to Li-rong said that the only blood, it is "the" blood is also made by Qualcomm. With croton, sand, dry paint, Chuan, leech, Tabanidae of similar insects such toxic, and is small for the big drug poisoning. Having known of its type.
11. Zhu Zhen Heng: , into the second, two-thirds of the yin tonic, blood can stagnate and kidney drugs by the lungs and can Weixin raw water is blood, pain and swelling outside the kidney also partial inspection.
12. "Quasi-property": gui, guide yang, Wei-jung to reconcile the gas, but gas to help heat up Xin Yang Road. Blood for the camp, Wei Qi, Wei-mismatched harmonic camp, Xuan Gui yang can pass the blood-guided, so that qi and blood counterparts. "The Council" Tang Shiquandabu Astragalus Sijunzi with vitality and Siwutang blood, with a GUI, and is to reconcile the business of its Guardian of the gas, so that the four gentlemen, the four objects are to be supplemented into the reactive power also. 13. "Drug suspect identified": , and most intense, not more services, with Chen Qi II effect, and with the blood of Siwu reactive speed. 14. "Order": Downlink cinnamon, benefits of the original fire, the so-called renal dry bitter, anxious to run the food Sim, the to body fluid, the gas will also pass. "San-Hui Fang," Introduction, into the heart, blood and sweat primers, suppurative. Small hand-built fire with fire Jueyin with Mingmen also the same. "Do not recorded in" cloud, Gui Tong was having blood. Shirong had made, and diarrhea in children, and to use the C Powder with diarrhea fire, wet soil permeability, with Guangxi to the wind and help curb liver. And "recorded more than doctors," Cloud, it was suffering from sore red eyes, spleen can not diet, hepatic vein Sheng, spleen weak pulse, cold medicine with spleen Liver is the more true, with warm liver medicine is more Sheng, but in the temperature Ping drugs more cinnamon, liver and kill, so a rule of two birds with one stone. "Biography" cloud, and dry wood was Gui is also. with "Do not recorded" hepatopulmonary cinnarizine gas, Vitex Keiji threat of justice in line with the wind, people do not know who this is . Also of Gui, uterus and to pass, so "Do not recorded," a statement of their abortion, when speculation Naiyun fetal loss also had not. And cloves, sore ash fall can suppurative Vento.
15. "Bencao Sutra": Guizhi, , cinnamon, Kazuo Gomi divergence for Yang, the four gas heat is yang; taste Chun-yang, it can be scattered and cold; filled from outside, it can actually form; Xin to Sanzhi, heat to firm, in and of Gan, it can be blood into the blood, kidney dry run. The main benefit hepatopulmonary gas, headache, sweating, just annoying, just spit, cough, nasal , of the rationale for lack of thinning, table virtual spontaneous, wind pain twin Bi-Beck, the Guizhi also of the rule. Jiede disease of the table with its virtual non-permanent cold, caused by visitors, it is noted in its actual form can also . Confidant of the main diseases of cold chills and fever, cholera transferred tendons, lower back pain, abortion, temperature, the strong bones and tendons, pass blood drug advocacy 100 no fear, and lack of fill under the Jiao, Zhi-Shen cold cold obstinate disease, dialysis China, thirst, only Rong Wei in the cold, autumn and winter because of lower abdominal pain, fill Mingmen, Yi Yin fire extinction, and cinnamon are also of the rule. thin air, floating up to form, the evil administration Guizhi per customer table for the disease. Enver great heat, and walk in the next, the cinnamon, governance Mingmen lack of real fire, moving from the cold-yang, and all in virtual , passenger miles for the disease. Covered with cinnamon, while Enver heat, so Yiyang; Gambari into the blood points, Xin Wang can go, the prevailing heat, with three Sri Lankan, blood.
16. "Materia Medica Department of words": cinnamon, Shen Han rule of medicine is also obstinate disease cold. Where the virtual lack of yuan-yang death, or close vomit diarrhea lower back pain and vomiting, or long-virtual heart obstinate disease of cold and scared and cold, or and conquer red , or over the diaphragm and heart expansion, or vital energy meridians condensation and repression, false Enver this great heat, the next thing to walk in, Zhuang Mingmen the yang, heart and kidney explants of gas, 100 drug propaganda, no recoil, so that the Yin-Yang Chang self-extinction, and the former having retired from white card.
17. "Herbal medicine is": Gui, good level of , and I do not know the yang of good help in liver and gallbladder, although sweet, it is the most Bupi soil, where soil grams of liver evil without fire, with this . And the Senate, attached, and yellow with use, the most down virtual fire, and under the rule of Yuanyang Jiao lack deficit; with Chinese angelica, Chuanxiong with use, the most post-natal women rule pain pillow Blood abuse, and children varioliform cold for not itch effect.
18. "Herbal Health": cinnamon, and Lee San gas, downstream and kidney, can fuse to the original in order to pass the gas to reach the uterus and abortion, their sexual swift and fierce, can go to observe the agents. If the customer who kidney by cold, and also the red of blood, the pulse must be used in the late. Its Zhuyu, hernia governance, elimination carbuncle merit, although the negative category covered in blood, gets used to take this positive and our ears.
19. "Jade septemlobus drug solution": cinnamon, warm Article Chang, large blood gas temperature. Xiang Gan buried, into the wood, of gas, good hysteresis node, liver and spleen of most solution Yu. Where Blood Meridian mound, possession of bowel problem, blocking the joints, pain close, nothing more than a weak gas temperature, frozen in cold blood because of points, as well as up and down from China, unpunctuality, Forest into a block, corruption is not fresh, and are disease also. Women's month, post-partum, all kinds of various diseases, with a total not see this. Noted with cinnamon, can not be more than medicine. The Department of cinnamon bark, is also the main take the form, but re-thick experts, who go by the table, the study its strength, through the organs, meridians and Guizhi different professionals taking.
20. "Bencao seeking truth": cinnamon, Enver smell, the color purple red, have encouraged them to blood, body of Chun-yang, a trick to lure the power lead. gas cloud this body, we can fill Mingmen Jun, rehabilitation can of form, in order to pass the business Wei, non-odor, although if carmichaeli Sim, complex and bitter, since at the next, just solid true positive, and do not use the day after tomorrow and into the ear. Therefore, patients who go against the cold, we should be in temperature, and not because of blood, For their inspiration, you do not need to use Aconite, but to Jun of blood gas, to be cinnamon, that , such as Shiquandabu, ginseng Yang Rong like to use this, that is the intention.
21. "Bencao new": cinnamon, Weixin, Gan, Xiang, spicy, big gas heat, Shen also, in the yin-yang is also, a small drug. Several types of cinnamon, from the first reel, flat from the second, are also available. Into the kidney, spleen, bladder, heart cells, liver. Dependent spirit, and colors, resistant to old-Xing Yang, Kennedy Beck, pass the blood, treatment of cold coke, autumn and winter governance abdominal pain, diarrhea, , Lee waterways, tendons warm temperature dirty, pass by, tune in Qi, is to defend the business, the pain. Also the function of the cinnamon, informed by the neighbor, but the wonderful cinnamon, more than such.