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Drug contraindications

Huowang deficiency, there is heat, blood heat bleeding and pregnant women were cut services.fear.
Patterns of animals and plants
1. Cinnamon, evergreen trees, high 12-17m. Bark brown to gray in color, aromatic, slightly four-prism David sticks. Leaves alternate, coriaceous; long oval to nearly lanceolate, long 8-17cm, width 3.5-6cm, pointed tip, base obtuse, margin-wide, above green, shiny, gray green below, are softly hair; are from 3-based networks in the following obvious uplift, horizontal parallel veinlets; petiole thick, long 1-2cm. Inflorescence cone or near the top of Health, a long 10-19cm, Sophie was a short hair; flowers small, diameter about 3cm; pedicel about 5mm; perianth tube about 2mm, lobes 6, yellow-green, oval-shaped, about 3mm, Sophie and outside the closed short hair; Development rounds 9,3 stamen, anther oblong, 4 rooms, split flap, the outside two Glandless Filament, anther to the first outward three stamens, flowers and 2 Department of gland, the most there are a degradation of stamens, anther heart-shaped; pistil to the stamens short, oval-shaped ovary, 1 room, ovule 1, style thin, with a few, such as the ovary length, stigma discoid slightly. Berries oval or inverted oval, tip slightly truncated, dark purple, about 12-13mm, there are places outside the perianth deposit. Seed long oval, purple. May-July flowering. Fruit period February to March the following year.
The effectiveness of classification
Painkillers; help Yang medicine