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Cultivation of medicinal plants

1. Climate soil: hi warm and humid, sunny climate, with good drainage, fertile sandy loam, gray or acidic soil reaction (pH4.5-5.5) appropriate for a red loam.
2. Preparation: after tillage pulverizer, make 1m wide ,15-20cm high Xiaqi. Around the drains should be opened.
3. Planting: seed propagation generally transplant law, with the seeds are ripe with the types of mining, or possession of mixed, but not more than 20 days, expired while the loss of germinability. Drilling method used, spacing of about 15cm, 3-4cm, every 3-4cm planting a son, after the planting soil, water, hay shelters. 10cm height Miller time, each 6cm 1. 3 years after the height of about 1m, the election in mid-rainy days 2-3 colonization, transportation, about 2 กม 3m spacing in the rows.
4. Field management: 20-40 days after sowing to germinate at this time should be cleared of weeds, arbours erected to prevent the scorching sun exposure, regular attention to watering, to maintain soil moisture and prevent drought. 16-20cm height, the removal of arbours, pay attention to irrigation and fertilization. After planting, weeding each year, song, the fertilizer 3 times.
5. Pest control: pests are the larvae of beetles Hung-chang, the discovery of some victims may be burned off, and killing, or killing sulfur steam smoked.
Processing methods
1. Picking the net impurity, scrape bark, when broken;
2. Or scrape rough skin, use warm water infiltration while slicing, drying.
3. Broken up, milling, finished said.