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Identification of Health and Medicine

1. Trait identification (1) cinnamon to "stand side-gui" in Zheng was a little on both sides of the shallow trough-shaped, both ends; "oil drum Gui" mostly drum-shaped, long 30-50cm, width or tube diameter 3 -10cm, thick 2-8mm. The outer surface of gray-brown, slightly rough, with the majority of micro-processes of the stomata and a small number of transverse cracks, and patches of gray lichen; inner surface reddish brown, smooth, with thin vertical stripes, nail marks characterize significant oil. Quality firm and crisp, broken surface particles, the outer layer of brown, red brown and the inner, there is one near the outer tangential lineolatus yellow (stone cell ring). Specific strong aroma, sweet, spicy.
Import cinnamon: was curled inward on both sides of the tube-shaped, the central slightly concave to the trough, the two ends are inclined off the skin, a long 40-50cm, width 6-8cm, thickness 6-7mm. The outer surface is slightly rough, with wrinkles, and gray and yellow-brown and white patches, often round or semi-circular lenticel; the inner surface of brown to tan color, smooth fine vertical stripes, nail marks characterize significant oil. Special aromatic gas, sweet, micro-Sim.
Imports of low-mountain cinnamon: the outer surface rough, with slightly rough surface. Thin body lighter, and when the cross-section significantly lineolatus yellow. Volatile oil containing less poor aroma, light sweet, pungent thick.
Cinnamon mountain imports: the outer surface of careful, meticulous and lubricating the inner surface. Heavier body thick skin, light yellow section, lineolatus obvious. Volatile oil containing a higher concentration aroma, sweet dense, unleavened Sim.
Outside the surface of delicate, thick skin weight, not broken, oily big, strong aroma, sweet and dense micro-Sim, chewing little better on the residue.
(2) South Yugui medicines similar traits with the cinnamon, chewing special fragrance of Java. Generally considered better quality.
2. Microscopic identification bark cross-section: (1) cinnamon wood whole-cell series, the most inner layer of cell wall thickening of wood. Generous than the cortex, there are scattered stone cells, oil cells and mucous cells. There are parts of stone column sheath cells arranged in a row near the ring layer, with the lateral fibers, stone cells, thin outer wall. Phloem of the bark about 1 / 2, ray width 1-2 cells out, with a small needle crystal of calcium oxalate; fiber regular evacuation of a single value or bundles 2-3; oil cells can be seen, the more thin-walled phloem slightly larger cells; have mucous cells. This product is thin-walled cells containing starch grains.
(2) South Yugui organizations with cinnamon difference is: a little less stone cell cortex, in parts of stone cell sheath column with a narrow, usually arranged in intermittent 2-10 ring out. Bast top beam sparse scattered stone cells, bast fiber diameter 16-36m.
3. Powders characteristics: red-brown. scattered fibers are mostly single, long spindle-shaped, while the microwave stretched convex-concave-shaped or long and 195-680m, diameter 24-50m, to provide a very thick, groove-hole was not obvious. square stone cell type or types of round, diameter 32-88m, thickness, and some low side, a small number of crystal with the needle. Oil cell round or long shape, diameter 68-108m, with yellow oil droplets. Calcium oxalate crystal smaller needles, up to 43m, as scattered beam or scattered in the ray cells and more particularly; also arranged side sheet crystallization wide to 6m. wood polygon concept of whole-cell surface, thicker walls, and pits, some of the side of thin, often with red-brown material. In addition, there are red-brown thin-walled cells and starch grains and so on.