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Identification of drug application

1.similar efficacy and cinnamon, and; to the Heart by, confidants Huanwu Huoxue good governance as well as the blood of Khan cited suppuration, commonly used for surgical ulcer Neto pocky purposes.
2. Cinnamon, Guizhi: Guizhi with cinnamon and laurel was born, cinnamon bark as a GUI, for the laurel twig Guizhi. Both camps have warm blood, and help gasification, the role of casual. However, longer than the warm cinnamon in pain, next to the Coke and kidney yang,fire, longer than the published Guizhi cold-dispelling, encouraging blood, the main upstream of the gas to help Yang, Wen Tong meridians.
3. Cinnamon, Aconite: Aconite cinnamon and kidney yang are beneficial goods fate of Fire, the Second to be associate with drugs often used to fill fire Wenshen, but differences lie carmichaeli hard dry heat, rather than go Shou, Yang to return to save the reverse may be the pulse administration of micro-stricken collapse of the card; cinnamon hot and benefits Gan Xiao Yin fire can warm the business of blood, can go to observe, but also set fire to the yuan, should be certified under the rule of cold Coke.
Xin; Gan; heat