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Identification of drug application

Physical and chemical identification of (1) get the goods powder 0.1g, plus 1ml chloroform impregnation, liquid 2 drops of chloroform lessons in the slide, the swing to be dry, dropping 10% phenylhydrazine hydrochloride 1 drop of test solution, add coverslip, Cinnamaldehyde microscope Phenylhydrazone crystal rod. (Suppository Cinnamaldehyde search)
(2) thin-layer chromatography from chloroform extract of the materials for the test solution; another check cinnamaldehyde liquid solution as a control. Second, the melting point of samples drawn in the same silica gel G plate to benzene - ethyl acetate (10:3) for 10cm, dry, spray 2% 2,4 - DNPH color test solution for sample chromatography chromatography with reference substance the same as the corresponding position marked the spot color.