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Grape role

can be more vitality and blood, strong heart. "Doctors do not recorded", said: by water, urine benefit. From the perspective of Chinese medicine have a tension, improve blood flow in terms of grapes, Jianpi appetizers, such as the effectiveness of aid digestion, and its rich iron content, so the blood. Poor appetite in the summer, often eating appetizers help. High nutritional value of grapes, grape juice by scientists as "milk plants." Grape sugar content of about 10% -25%, up to 30 or higher. Contained in grapes with more sugar, most of it is easy to direct the body to absorb glucose, the grapes become weak digestion ideal fruit. Tartaric acid in grapes with more and more to help the role of digestion. More appropriate to eat grapes Jianpi and stomach, benefit the body. Medical Research shows that grape juice is the best food inflammation patients can reduce blood levels of protein and sodium chloride. Grape juice for frail patients, patients with hardening of the arteries, and nephritis are supporting the rehabilitation efficacy, cultivation of grapes and in those places, cancer incidence rates decreased significantly. Grape fruits in the most iron containing compound fruit is nutritional anemia patients. Grape of neurasthenia and fatigue are all benefits. After the system dry grapes, sugar and iron levels were relatively increased, children, women and the tonic Jiapin anemia.
Grape Seed 95% of the ingredients for the original Su-blue of the effectiveness of antioxidant vitamin C than 18 times higher than the 50 times higher than vitamin E, therefore, can be said that Grape Seed Antioxidant true superstar. Engage in anti-oxidation is a method of aging, therefore, allows you to grape seed forever young.
Grapes, for Syzygium Hanshu can drink heavily into the brewery, drinks were drunk Tao, however, there is a name. From its circular Nagusa Pearl, the elderly horse milk of grapes, white grapes were of crystal, and those were grapes. Han Zhang Qian made to make the Western Regions still exceed this. And "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" has grapes, while the former Han Longxi old, but not related to the ear. Tell us of our very ancient cultivation of grape varieties also. . Grape fruits in the world almost a quarter of production. Grapes are people like eating the world's second largest fruit in the world of fruit production, grape production and the cultivation area has been at the top. In addition to fresh fruit to use as a mainly used for wine, can also be made from grape juice, raisins and canned food.
Not only the delicious taste of grape and high nutritional value. Mature berries contain 15% -25% of glucose, as well as many species on the human body useful minerals and vitamins.
Grape is a tonic medicine, with stomachic effect. Frail, undernourished people, more than to eat grapes or raisins, help restore health, because grapes contain proteins, amino acids, lecithin, vitamin and minerals and other nutrients, especially high sugar content and mainly glucose, easily absorbed by the body directly.
Wei Qi frail older people, lack of stomach yin; or suffering from chronic gastritis, poor appetite, and every time before eating raisins 6-9 grams of chewing, which opened the appetite, but also fill weak. Vomiting in patients with empty stomach, it is desirable to a small cup of grape juice, add a little ginger juice. Autoleveller drink, and the efficacy of antiemetic.
Patients with hoarseness, it is desirable to grape juice and a cup of mixing the sugar cane juice, swallow slowly, day several times, but also the role of adjuvant therapy must. For hypertensive patients, the desirability of the grape juice and a cup of celery juice, mixing with water delivery service, 2-3 times daily, for a course on the 15th.
Wild grapes civil use 30 grams root service for the treatment of pregnancy vomiting and edema, and swelling antiemetic and diuretic effect. There are people with 30 grams of fresh root grape drink, for the treatment of jaundice hepatitis; can be used as a complementary treatment.
Grape leaves can be used for the treatment of infant diarrhea. Check amount of grape leaves, washed twice concentrated into a residue after the paste to add the flour and half white sugar, made of soft grain mix, and then drying or dried. l-year-old more than 3-6 grams per serving, 2-3 times a day service; 1-year-old reduce it below.
Grapes of Ping, sweet acid, lung, spleen, kidney;
There are up blood, benefits the liver and kidney, the Health and body fluid, strengthens bones and tendons, cough, blood tonic, Tom Lee of the effectiveness of urine;
Attending blood weak coughing, sweating palpitations, rheumatism Bitongkang, water deficiency,edema, can also be used for gas deficiency weak, shortness of breath fatigue, edema, urine adverse symptoms, such as adjuvant therapy.