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Grape and Raisin

Grape and grape grapes are the fruits of essence. Only in the process of circulation of commodities, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places to market tablets usually large, thick skin, low juice, high-quality, hard flesh separated from the known as Vitis vinifera grapes, but also the basis of color is different from that bright red for the red, black to mention the, yellow to green to green. The tablets will be large, soft, juicy, easy-skinned fruits known as the grapes, resulting in two names. General imports grapes are mentioned subclass.
grapes by hand, easy separation of skin and meat, while the relatively thin red Tippi, it is difficult to separate the skin and meat. Mountain view from the appearance, grapes and grapes are not the same degree of brown red, red-presenting red, consistent fruit shape, size uniformity, are generally of the entire string, it is difficult to scattered, hard in his hand. Moreover, the Red taste, storage time is longer, under normal conditions (do not take any measures), can save about 15 days.
In recent years, all imports of meat-type grapes are hard Called as "grapes", some farmers no geographical differences in the quality of non-identified strengths and weaknesses, rushing development; They also prefer foreign products, domestic breeding contempt.