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Viticulture method

Grape variety of groups in different periods of growth temperature requirements are different. Such as the early spring the average temperature of around 10 íŠ, the underground soil temperature at 30cm at 7-10 íŠ, Europe and Asia and Europe and the United States began to sprout hybrids; Hill grapes and their hybrids in the soil temperature began to sprout 5-7 íŠ. As the temperature increased , germination will be to accelerate the growth of shoots, the most suitable for shoot growth and flower buds as the temperature at 25-38 íŠ. Lower than 14 íŠ when the temperature is not conducive to flower pollination. Mature berries the most suitable temperature is 28-32 íŠ, the temperature is lower than 16 íŠ or more than 38 íŠ when the berry development and maturation of the negative, lowering the quality. The beginning of the activities of root temperature is 7-10 íŠ, at 25-30 íŠ in the fastest growth. Different varieties require maturity to the effective temperature, early maturing varieties such as Pearl Mesaba effective temperature to be 2100 íŠ, in the Queen's vineyards to be cooked varieties 2500 íŠ, late-maturing varieties of longan to be fully mature to 3300 íŠ.
Grapes to low temperature tolerance capacity of various groups and vary in various organs, such as the Eurasian species and hybrids in Europe and America, when the bud germination tolerable -3 to -4 íŠ low temperature; tender young leaves in the Xiao and -1 íŠ, at 0 íŠ inflorescence damage occurred. In the dormant period, the Eurasian species mature shoots of winter buds tolerable -16 íŠ to -17 íŠ, perennial old man in the freezing occurs when -20 íŠ. Root cold hardiness is weak, the Eurasian Group longan, Muscat Hamburg, vineyards and other varieties of the Queen's roots in the -4 íŠ to -5 íŠ mild damage occurred, -6 íŠ when have frozen to death by about two days. Northeast of the northern mountain regions or beida grapes for grape rootstock, the root system can improve cold hardiness, and its roots may be resistant at -16 íŠ and -11 íŠ low temperature, respectively, died of critical temperature -18 íŠ and -14 íŠ, will reduce winter the thickness of cold buried.