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Water in the grapes of life plays an important role in activities, nutrients dissolved by water transport to various organs, so water is the carrier of nutrients through the water transpiration, regulating body temperature and tree water can promote fat absorption. Such as excessive soil drought, the root of it is very difficult to absorb from the soil moisture and nutrients, reduced photosynthesis, easily old leaves yellow, fall off, and even death of plants wilting. But also harmful to the growth of too much water, flood water, there is generally no more than 1 weeks, water has managed to remain under the percolation growth; flooded more than 10 days, they will suffocate the root system, also can cause yellow leaves, falling, do not shoot substantial adverse flower bud differentiation, and even plant death. Phenological period of the grape, different requirements on the water. Bud in early spring, shoot growth, fruit enlargement period require adequate water supply, general irrigation every 7-10 days 1, so that soil moisture content around 70% better. Berries mature in the soil moisture before and after up to 60% better. However, excessive rainfall in time to pay attention to drainage, so as to avoid excessive humidity affect the quality of berries, but also prone to disease. If the rain is too small, about every 10 days to 1 irrigation water, drought or rains cracking easily, resulting in economic losses.