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Management techniques

Fertilization is mainly solid-state inorganic fertilizer. Grape growth and development in accordance with the needs of the first year of colonization 3rd urea nitrogen (soil cultivation of less than 2), each 50 grams / plant; Topdressing 2 ternary compound, each 100 grams / plant, the annual per mu urea 9 kilograms, 12 kilograms ternary compound, namely, cultivation of soil topdressing per 1 / 5 and 1 / 4, which added the use of trace elements in the method of spraying, spraying throughout the year combined with 2 ~ 3 times.
As a result of strong growth matrix grape cultivation, a large root system, resistance to pests and diseases of the greater capacity the first year of planting drugs 3 to 4 times, the results of the annual growing season was 5 times less drug.
Grapes used in soilless culture style is better than scaffolding. Because the plane surface small, grape-wang growth potential, as scaffolding fruit. Test results from the use of small X-ping scaffolding for early productivity of plastic surgery not only easy, but also easy to upgrade their quality.