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Yield and quality of

Soilless cultivation of grapes matrix as a result of vigorous trees (the growth of cultivated soil 2 to 3 times), the crown of the formation of fast, so the second year of planting high-yield (but to control the output). Yield and soil in the same circumstances, glucose degrees higher than the cultivated soil 1 to 2 degrees (soluble solids). Such as Austria and Asia a nuclear-free, soil cultivation generally 15 to 16 degrees, soilless culture 18 to 19 degrees, reached Kyoho 18 ~ 19 degrees. In order to ensure the quality of grapes, grape soilless cultivation substrate to strictly control the production. Planting of saplings in 2004, 2005, respectively, according to Variety Maternity - early varieties (Auguste, Austria and Asia a nuclear-free) is 750kg / acre, mid-maturing varieties Kyoho, where is 1000kg / acre.