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Prevention and control measures

(1) disease prevention and control is a critical period and after flowering in mid-August to mid-rainy season, spraying ear protection. Can be 1000 กม 50% spray carbendazim, 800 กม 50% retired special bacteria or Bordeaux mixture 1:0.5:180 times. 1 spray every 10-15 days at a total spray 3-4 times (the time of spraying or washing powder adhesive 6501).
(2) Practice has proved that the disease completely cut off branches, scrape the old skin, the timely removal of fruit diseases, diseased leaves, the sick man. Yin eradication of the source is also an important measure to reduce the incidence.
(3) growing up on the lower hanging fruit to ensure the ear from 20-30 cm above the ground, but also can reduce the incidence.