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Grape anthracnose

(A) identify the symptoms
Against fruit, leaves and shoots. Polygon infected leaves after lesion, vein part to stop the growth of leaves caused by shrinkage and deformity Zou.leaves, the main vein in the birth to gradually become a pale yellow spots and diseased leaves dry perforation. Fruitlet brown spots appear, after the middle into a gray, slightly depressed, the edge of a red or purple, was "bird eye", the latter lesion cracking, small and sour fruit disease. Rachis sometimes morbidity, resulting in full-Sui dysplasia, and even death.
(B) prevention and control measures
(1) disease prevention and control is key to seize the flowering of two drugs before and fallen leaves. Bordeaux spray liquid 1:0.5:180 times 800 กม 50% retired special bacteria or 600 กม 75% Chlorothalonil.
(2) germination of 5 degrees before the spray agent sulfur stone.
(3) completely cut off when spread disease, to remove litter.