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Grape anthracnose

(A) identify the symptoms
After coloring the main hazards of the fruit. Close to the ground as early as the incidence of ear tip. After the surface of infected fruit purple gray patch, and gradually become shallow edge of the central color depth, and the lesion Physalospora. Lesion in the future you can point a small number of black specks. Disease with the expansion of growing small black dots and arranged in striated back. When in moist air from viscose flakes poured out pink. Disease all soft fruit rot quickly, and finally into a stiff fruit, easy to fall off.
(B) control methods
(1) for the July-August peak, every half-fold spraying of Bordeaux 1 1:0.5:180 fluid 500 กม 50% retired special bacteria (medication to increase adhesive 6501 or detergent).
(2) pre-harvest fruit disease was found buried promptly removed: Post-harvest fruit disease clean-up on the deep dendrite.