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Pre-treatment storage

(A) spraying before harvest. Full flowering stage the concentration of 1 กม 10-6 spraying gibberellin plus 1000 times the CCC, mining
Spray fruit for 20 days before the 1500 thiophanate times, take 3 ~ 5 days before re-spraying NAA 10000 times in order to
To prevent fruit cracking, fruit drop, fruit coloring to enhance and improve sugar and prevent mold spore, Fusarium head blight and white rot.
(B) harvesting the fruits. Storability late election red earth, black to mention, black seeds, and Olin, Dabao, Kyoho goods, etc.
Species. The fruit to fully mature, good color, fruit powder, and skin thickness, toughness, high sugar content, taste Shannon resistant storage.
Dew to dry after harvest. Light harvesting and storage should take place of light, so as not to erase fruit and fruit powder.
(C) pre-cooling heat dissipation. Take back the ear, remove damage fruits and fruit pests, to repair the irregular sharp and Vice Sui Sui,
And coated with melted wax after in good ventilation indoor cold, heat 2 to 3 days
After pre-cooling before storage.