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Storage Method

(A) cold storage. In fruit boxes in and around the lining on the bottom 3 or 4 layers of soft paper, Add 0.04 ~ 0.0
6 mm thick films pressed into the storage bag, put the ear of people cooling, bag 10 kg to 15 kg, bag release
A sulfur preservatives, binding pocket closure, and then fruit in the hangar box code. Also available at the hangar vertical column, each rack
Every 30 cm up to wear tam pole, curtain pole or the upper small grass
I, the ear to pay flat screens on the string, put each one ear, so as to avoid crushing the fruit.
(B) storage cellar. Apple cellar of the building and the same cellar, first cleaned, sprayed bacteria 1000 times
Reduqing disinfection. Fruit box in every 12 to 15 centimeters a vertical bamboo sticks put to endure ear stick hanging on the string, and then move
within the stack, high 3-appropriate, and then sealed cellar. Also available at the cellar were erected on both sides of the column, layered pole release, layer from the
30 ~ 35 cm from the pole 15 to 20 cm,
The pole hanging in the ear, ear from 4 to 5 centimeters to 4 layer is better.
(C) film storage bag. With 0.04 ~ 0.06 mm thick polyethylene film, to suppress the growth of 40 cm,
Pouch of 30 cm wide, 1.5 kg fruit per bag ~ 2 kg, truss pocket, release at the end of the pad 4 to 5 per cent
M thick straw sawdust or shredded light box, only on a layer of each fruit to me Add cold room or storage hangar. Check
Movable wooden box, but you can not open bags, even though there are 1 ~ 2 do not open rotten fruit bags, once opened bag, oxygen bag at first
However, the increase, it would be difficult to continue to the tank.
(D)storage. 70 cm high, waist diameter of 60 ~ 70 cm, washed down after Yam
Stem, at the end of the 3 layers of clean soft pad of paper into ear 2 to 3 layers, 25 cm thick, then put card in the well-shaped wooden stand
The waist-cylinder, rack Filming or soft paper, and every 8 to 10 cm square to make a big hole 1 cm in order to facilitate
Permeability, membrane Finely 1 ~ 2 layers of ear, 15 to 20 centimeters high, the cylinder Add cold room, not pre-sealed
Months after a sealed stamped paper. The weather has turned warm, the air vents and windows closed during the day and doors open at night to reduce the room temperature,
Can be stored to the Spring Festival the following year. Tank must be opened once processed, can not be re-sealed cylinder, so as to avoid an increase in oxygen cylinder and variable