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Vitaceae grape vine fruits. Also known as Syzygium, grass Pearl. Many varieties, there are about 500 kinds, such as Suo Suo grapes, milk, white grape, longan, Muscat Hamburg, green grapes and other than the well-known. General points of white grapes, red grapes two categories, the area north of the Yangtze River basin, such as Xinjiang, Gansu, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and other places have been cultivated. harvest ripe fruit. Using fresh or dry back-up.
[Performance] sweet, slightly acidic, sexual-ping. Will supplement the liver and kidney, benefit qi and blood, body fluid of Health, Lee urine.
[Reference] containing glucose, fructose, sucrose, xylose, tartaric acid, oxalic acid, citric acid, malic acid, protein, a variety of amino acid, carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, P, niacin, calcium, potassium , phosphorus, iron and other ingredients.
[Use] for liver and kidney weakness, low back pain; blood shortage, dizziness, palpitations; stomach yin insufficient thirsty throat; stop wet hair, a negative urine.
[Use of] raw food, wine Baptist, or drink.
[Attached to]
1, ginseng wine: Suo Suo grapes (or grape) 100g, Ginseng 15g, soaked with liquor 500g. 1 to 2 per drink cup.
From the "closed by the original." Ginseng for vitality and to be strong medicine, combined with the application of grapes can be played up with liver and kidney, strong and the effectiveness of Qi. For liver and kidney weak, sickly, fatigue and so on.
2, grape honey cream: fresh grapes 500g, pounded, twisted take juice thick suffering a small fire, add honey standby contour. 1-per-key, with boiling water and serve.
From "will be used at home." Fresh grape juice and honey served, yiwei Yangyin,excellent effect. For lack of stomach yin, thirsty throat, or fever polydipsia.
3, grape root cream:100g, plus adequate water, and heating concentrated, and the other will be fresh grapes 100g,200g, pounded, and after mixing the concentrated liquid, low heat thick paste, together with the contour chain honey accompli. 1-per-key, with boiling water and serve.
From "San-Hui Fang." The side of fresh grapes with Tom Lee urine to,cooling blood to stop bleeding. Urine for heat pain, blood in urine.
Binchuan, Yunnan grape:
Origin: Cloud County, Yunnan;
Varieties: 1: red grape; 2: Seedless red grapes; 3: Green grapes; 4: Lisa fans seedless grape; 5: Victoria, Portugal; 6: white grape Centennial;
Time-to-market: Green grapes: early June to July Xunyang; red grape: around July 20 to September 20; seedless red grapes: August 20 to September 20;