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Trophoblast than peanut benefit, contribute to longevity, so people also called the and the same and soybean as the "meat plant", "Su-in the meat." The nutritional value of peanut food category than high, with eggs, milk, meat and other animal food comparable. It contains a lot of protein and fat, especially unsaturated fatty acids in very high, it is appropriate to create a variety of nutritious foods.
Now we have a color peanuts, peanut, also known as colorful, multi-color peanuts, peanut colorful.
Peanut seeds (commonly known as - groundnut kernels)
Peanut Peanut is a common color-ren skin color variation of causation arising from a variety of colors. Is divided into color-enriched peanut and peanut, white peanuts, peanut pearls several varieties, of which skin color by the nuts can be divided into black, Forest, white, purple, red and white, color shades, such as tablets. Peanut colorful black, white, red white pattern, black yellow flowers, yellow and other colors at the end of the black pattern. Man of the seedlings grown peanut did not distinguish between ordinary, but slightly larger number of leaves. By grain and color can be divided into two, four black, two color, four color, two tablets of flower, such as double white tablets.