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The application of the crowd

Everyone will be eating.
illness, convalescent patients, as well as post-partum women to eat peanuts during pregnancy have the effect of.
80-100 grams per day applies to.
Special Note to peanuts with the red even with the use of dates can, can stop bleeding, the most suitable for frail patients with bleeding.
or fried peanuts, the nature of the dry heat, it is not appropriate to eat.
Eat in a lot of peanuts to eat in the best stew. In this way, the signs to avoid the destruction of nutrients, but also has a tepid,taste, good bad entrance, easy to digest the characteristics of ages.
Peanut oil containing the health of traffic lights and more and more power is required to digest bile, the gall bladder in patients unfit for human consumption.
Peanut hemagglutinin can promote, promote thrombosis, it is suffering from high blood viscosity or thrombosis were not fit for human consumption.
Contains a lot of moldy peanuts after carcinogen - aflatoxin, so mildew do not eat peanuts.