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Peanut is a nutritional food

Peanut is a high-nutrition foods, which contain 25% protein 36%, up to 40% fat content, peanuts are also rich in vitamin B2, PP, A, D, E, calcium and iron.
More than 100 kinds of peanuts is an important raw material of food. It not only oil, but also can be fried, deep-frying, cooking, made of peanut cake, and a variety of candy, cakes and so on. Because the burning process of peanut drying in carbon dioxide, vanillin, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, as well as by a number of other volatile aldehydes, which constitute the aroma of peanut special nuts.
Peanut containing anti-endothelial fibrinolytic enzyme, can be a variety of injury prevention and control bleeding, liver hemorrhage, such as hemophilia.
However, peanuts are easy to change mycophenolate damp, resulting in highly carcinogenic toxin aflatoxin. Aspergillus flavus toxins can cause toxic hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer. This high temperature resistant toxins, fried, fried, boiled, deep-frying, cooking methods, such as decomposition can not have it. They must be careful not to eat moldy peanuts.
Origin and distribution of peanut milk
Peanuts are about 60 ~ 70 kinds have been collected and identified were 21 kinds. Most of them are diploid species (2x = 20). Peanut cultivation of two diploid double natural allotetraploid species (2x = 40). Peanut varieties in accordance with the diversity of types of concentration, southern Bolivia, Argentina and the north-western foothills of the Andes mountain the river basin may be the origin of the center of peanuts.
European literature, the earliest documented peanut Spain's "General History of the West Indies natural." Chinese peanut in the record before the JIA Ming book "tips" that have since the book not only contains many of the biological characteristics of groundnuts and geographical distribution. Peanuts can be seen in China as early as documented about 100 years in Europe.
World peanut production has more than 100 countries, Asia, the most common, followed by Africa. However, only the production of goods for more than 10 countries, the major producers in India and China, cultivation area and production of the largest, the former of about 7.2 million hectares, 5.6 million tons, which is 3,553,000 hectares, 6,757,000 tons (1985 ). Other countries of Senegal, Nigeria and the United States.
A very wide distribution of the Chinese peanuts, are planted all over. The main production area in Shandong, eastern Liaoning, Leizhou Peninsula in Guangdong, Huang Huai River region and the southeast coast and the sand hills of the coastal zone. Shandong Province, the country of which the production area of about 1 / 4, the total output of 1 / 3 strong. Fujian Longyan production of peanuts, fruits plump, crispy and delicious, it should be a domestic peanut varieties local characteristics.