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Types and varieties

Chinese peanut varieties can be divided into four main types: common. Health collateral on the turn of the inflorescence, branches and more oval leaves down. Dark green. Cong vertical lines, as well as prostrate problems. Larger fruit shape. Long cylindrical seed. A longer growing period. dragon type. Creeping plants, alternate flowering, hairy peanuts and dried, and anthocyanins, have Matteuccia keel (back) and hook mouth, stick-like song. Reticulate shell deep, easily breaking the fragile needle fruit. pearl type beans. Collateral near main stem can be straight forward to a number of inflorescence Health section, only a small number of branch 2. Oval leaves, light green or green. Plant upright or problems. Fruit small. Peach seed. Weak dormancy. type tablets. Collateral can be a Health each inflorescence, rarely have 2 branches, has inflorescence stem. Plant tall, stem clear Procyanidins branches. Matteuccia clavate to 3 to 4 majority of the seed pod. Cylindrical seeds. China had in the production of large-scale cultivation of different varieties, most beans and pearl numerous common peanut. Through two types of hybrid bred varieties, displayed in the production of a certain superiority. Now the world's high-yield, stable yield, the largest of the species to promote the United States, "Florida sprawl" is also a hybrid types, accounting for the U.S. peanut production area of the current 90%. "Ma Kourou red" on a certain resistance to leaf spot, he is the world's universal access to a variety. China's "anti-Green Society" of peanut bacterial blight resistance better.