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Cultivation and management

Peanuts in China and other crops in different regions the composition of a cooked one, two three-cooked, two or three crops a year of cropping systems and thus the spring of peanuts, peanut, summer and autumn peanut peanut division, Guangdong individual regions Peanut winter. Rice fields in recent years in some of the development of peanut cultivation, the formation of peanuts - rice or rice - peanut rotation system. A longer reproductive season in some places, with appropriate rice varieties, but also with the double-crop rice rotation. Guangdong, Fujian and other autumn planting peanut pod close No. 2 is reserved for use in spring species, can improve the germination rate, and ensure the whole Miao, Miao Zhuang, local, commonly known as "over the autumn seed" or "back of the spring." Due to underground pod require loose sand, gravel or loam soil, so as to facilitate the needle buried fruit, pod development and harvest. Deep, peanut beneficial to the growth and development.
Seed germination requirements of higher temperature, the temperature beans pearl type 12 ~ 15 íŠ, the general type for 15 ~ 18 íŠ. Some varieties are highly dormant, cold and difficult to germinate. In addition, the seeds of water, the contents into a sugar, but also easy to attract ants and other soil pests eat sokolowskii. So grasp the timely planting seedlings is the key to strong sprout. Soil should not be too thick, moisture better when appropriate 5 ~ 7 cm. more than an extension of the length of the normal hypocotyl should try to clear. "Qing trees" is after emergence hoeing soil surface by hand, so that exposed cotyledon node measures soil surface is conducive to the growth of the first pair of lateral branch, multi-flowering, and more results. In addition to the principle of planting density on light ventilation to maintain the fields, the children should be able to seal the late ground line to prevent evaporation of soil moisture and suppress weeds. General production of the northern region under the conditions of the general type of peanut acres planted 1.2 to 15,000, pearl-type peanut beans should be slightly dense; south pearl variety beans planted 1.8 acres of 22,000.
Seedlings should not be too much nitrogen. Based on soil application of boron and other trace elements in the situation of a significant effect. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and boron may be foliage top dressing. About 250 kilograms per mu each pod yield about 100 kilograms of nitrogen absorption 5 to 7 kilograms, P 1 to 1.2 kilograms, K 2 ~ 3.5 kilograms of potassium after calcium requirements. Calcium can regulate soil acidity and improve the nutritional status of peanuts and to promote the metabolism of nitrogen to reduce the shell to improve the rate of full fruit. Peanut organ of calcium absorption and utilization of different functions, can only be absorbed by the roots upward transport, transit supply rarely pod development. In order to make fruit and pod-pin can directly absorb soil calcium, calcium should be in the pod zone soil. Different types of varieties to different requirements of calcium, pearl type beans low, ordinary-type high.
More drought-resistant peanuts, but water demand, and each one kilograms of dry matter production of about 225 kilograms of water. Maximum water demand, the impact is the largest flower and pod period, the total water demand of about 50% of that period have been affected and will affect the flower bud differentiation, flowering, fertilization and fruit needle elongation. Drying fruit also hindered the ground dead needles. Wetter areas of the south will have to pay attention to drainage, so as not to affect the normal development of pod.
Time is very different pod maturity. Matteuccia to ripping, according to the inner wall color from white to brown to determine the extent of black. In general most of the wall or inside the pod pericarp browning color to black at the beginning of harvest. Harvest too late, weak dormancy varieties germinate easily in the field; Some varieties are broken, it is difficult to harvest clean. Large-scale mining production Harvester, and then by picking fruit picking machine cleaning, drying. Matteuccia safe storage moisture content was 10%. Timely and adequate drying is very important, otherwise they will be fever, Health sp. As a result of pollution caused by Aspergillus flavus Aflatoxin B1, B2, have carcinogenic effects.