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Green Peanut Production Technology

1. Origin choice. (1) production environment. NY/T391-2000 should be in accordance with the requirements of green food. (2) soil. Select color light, loose texture, good drainage loam.
2. Cultivars selected. Choose promotional examination, and appropriate growth period, more mature, compact plant type, pod concentrated, highly drought than leaf spot resistance, physical and chemical indicators in line with the requirements of green peanut varieties. Mainly: on the 4th Yau Tong, 1016 Pak, Jinhua 5, great white sand, and so on Luhua 12.
3. Pre-sowing seed. (1) the germination test. Requirements of germination rate above 95%. (2) and decorticating. Before sowing shell, 9 sunny 15 elections, in dry place, the peanut flat on the mat, about 10cm thick, at intervals of 1 to 2 hours turning 1, 2 ~ 3 days of drying. Decorticating time for planting the first 10 ~ 15 days for good. (3) classification election tablets. Hui large selection tidy, full of grain, color, and there is no mechanical damage of the level, for two major types of tablets, out of three small. (4) rhizobia seed dressing. Mix peanut rhizobia seed powder, each with 667 square meters powder Rhizobium species increase the volume of 25g, powder plus 100 ~ 150ml of water transferred into bacteria, mix evenly on the seed.
4. Soil preparation and fertilization. (1) site preparation.autumn harvest, the stubble and fall over, rake, make a new post-pressure ridge. Plastic mulching to prepare the land, made 75 ~ 80cm, high Xiaqi 5cm,of 65 ~ 70cm wide plot, plot and plot into the middle of 20 ~ 25cm wide, 15cm high small ridge to prepare for planting when the segments used. (2) fertilization. Preferred by the food that the food management of specialty fertilizer. With the fall of preparation for Lung, Shih manure decomposition circle,soil, green manure, such as retting system. Shih 15,000 ~ 30,000 kg / ha, trenching ridge, Shu Shi, Xiaqi for. Ridge sowing cultivation may also be sparse when fertilizer before planting. When planting, Shi DAP 150 ~ 225kg / ha, potassium sulfate 75 ~ 120kg / ha for the kinds of fat. Shi basal acid soil with lime. Such as pH (pH) 6.0 ~ 6.5, Shih lime 450kg / ha, pH value of 5.5 ~ 6.0, Shih lime 675kg / ha.
5. Sowing. (1) sowing time. 5cm soil temperature in spring and stabilized at 12 íŠ, the pearl-type peanuts can be planted beans. About the end of April to early May, plastic mulching can be a little ahead of schedule 7 to 10 days. (2) and methods of planting density. Ridge: ridge from 50cm, from the point 13 ~ 17cm, that is, 120,000 ~ 150,000 points / ha, 2 per bunch planting. For mulching plot: a plot two lines, small spacing 40cm, hole distance 13 ~ 17cm,2, that is 120,000 ~ 150,000 points / ha. (3) planting method. Ridge: 5cm open about may be due to moisture. Sincere kinds of fertilizer and then seed two equidistant, uniform soil; repression. Film culture: film hours after the first planting and seeding after the first film in two ways. After planting the first film can be mechanical or manual. Mechanical completion of seeding can be a one-time site preparation, fertilization, herbicide spraying, sowing, plastic film, such as compacted soil processes. Artificial opening in the two parallel 40cm away from the trenches, deep-4 ~ 5cm,remain on both sides of 13 ~ 15cm. Sincere trench of manure, and then isometric 2 seed, fertilizer types to ensure segregation, homogeneous soil, so that the middle of a little drum was micro-arc, the requirements of surface uniformity, soil chronology. Then, spray herbicides amine B castor seed, the amount of 667 square meters per 40 ~ 60ml, water spraying 50 ~ 75kg. Such as poor soil moisture content, it is necessary to increase the volume, uniform spray, keep the soil moist. Finally, by mechanical or artificial plastic film coating, require membrane and there is no crease stickers, plastic film on both sides will save soil compaction. Finally, with the membrane surface of planting soil into a 10 ~ 12cm wide, 6 ~ 8cm high small ridge.
6. Field management. (1) Lung cultivated field management to do. Qing trees: a basic Qi Miao hours. Miller weeks before removal of weeds, and then the soil so cotyledons above the ground. Do not pay attention to the root injury. Qing trees about half a month after re-filling Waterloo buried. Weeding row: in the seedling stage, the Mission period trees, flowering weed row to 3 times. Grasp the "shallow, deep, shallow" principle, pay attention to the prevention of seedling row earth pressure Miao Yong; flowering fruit row needle to prevent injury. Earth: half a month after flowering to earth, not too thick to 3cm appropriate. (2) film cultivated field management. To emerge during the film and found that coverage of film break or lax, the timely use of pressure to re-buried, Yan Du. Soil arch rupture when the seedlings began to show when Leaf, Pa to the membrane of the soil, so that exposure to surface cotyledon. Found that lack of points, immediately replant seeds sprouting reminder. Flowering carried out before the 1st row weeding. Needle in the flowering to the pod during the enrichment, in accordance with growing peanuts can be spraying 0.2% ~ 0.3% solution of potassium dihydrogen phosphate 500 times 2 or 3 times. In the meantime, the case of drought, it is necessary to timely irrigation.
7. Pest control. See below.
8. Harvest. Lower leaves turn yellow in fall off, the majority of pod shell hardening, seed particles plump, smooth, a species unique to color can be the beginning of harvest.
Election sunny out by manual or mechanical collection, planed land, plow land can be, after resumption of ground floor from the sun, the sun there is the sound of the pod when shaken, back yard stacking, Matteuccia outward and continue to air-dry. After about 30 days to fully dry after the fruit picking, fruit husks removed, and then fully dry before storage warehousing.