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1, annual herb, climbing to spread, stem cross-section of the pentagon was. Heart-shaped leaves. Flowers yellow, fruit round or pear-shaped generally flat, when tender green, russet ripe. Fruit can be vegetables, seeds can be eaten.
2, the fruits of the plant. | | In different regions pumpkin, old pumpkin,names.
Gourds (Cucurbitaceae) Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) or pumpkin (C. moschata) the fruits of some varieties. The two kinds of species are known as some of the pumpkin and squash, and that law is not consistent, especially in the United States. In the Americas, while the fast-growing summer squash, shrub-like (or sprawl) is called small fruit varieties of pumpkin (small fruit) (squash); yet a long growing season length of big fruit man known as the large fruit varieties of pumpkin (pumpkin).
Fruit large, the general re-4 ~ 8 kg (9 to 18 pounds) or more and light yellow to orange-yellow, flat ball, long ball to round. Fruit smooth, often a shallow or rib.hard and lignified, with edges and corners; Zucchini the junction with the fruit does not inflate. Known as the great varieties of winter squash, fruit can be 34 kilograms weight (75 pounds) or more. Man plants a very long, usually between about 2.5 to 3 meters (8 to 10 feet) on a small mound Zhi 1,2 or 3. Mature fruit in early autumn, and winter squash at the dry area, which could be kept above the freezing point a few months.
Pumpkins in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe for general cultivation for food and animal feed, food to be to peel, flesh after cooking fit for human consumption. Pumpkin in Europe, mainly for vegetables, pumpkin pie in the United States and Canada are the Thanksgiving and Christmas dessert; pumpkin can make a pudding, and soup, and small fruit can also make a variety of cooking pumpkin swap package. Halloween pumpkin in the United States for the decorations; out to the pumpkin itself, carved adults face and light in the inside so that light from the hollow of the pumpkin lights Office revealed that the jack-o'-lantern (jack-o'-lantern) for one of them.
Pumpkin (nangua) (Cucurbita moschata) name pumpkin. Originating in South America, into China after. Trailing annual herb. Stem as long as several meters, the Festival Office to take root, thick, with edge groove, was a short hard hair, tendril fork 3 to 4 hours. Alternate simple leaves, leaf heart-shaped or wide-ovate, 5 shallow angle crack 5, slightly soft, 15 to 30 centimeters long, on both sides by dense hair along the edge and often leaves the surface of white spot, the saw-toothed edge irregular. Flowers solitary, monoecious cross. Short male receptacle. Calyx lobes linear, expanded into leaf-like top. Corolla bell-shaped, yellow, 5 cleft, lobes outreach with crepe. Stamens 3. Anther on line drug Room S-shaped bending the rules. Pistillate calyx split significantly, lobulated, round or oval-shaped ovary, 1 room, style short, stigma 3, the 2 crack. Gourd fruit, flat ball, pot-shaped, cylindrical, etc., longitudinal groove and the surface uplift, smooth or nodular protrusions. Like orange flap-like, were ranging from orange to orange-red. There is slot edge, expanding into a horn-shaped. Seeds ovate or oval-shaped, 1.5 to 2 centimeters long, gray or yellowish-white, thin edge. 5 ~ July flowering, fruit 7 to September period. Originating in southern Asia, are cultivated all over the world. For vegetables, fruits; edible oil seeds, seeds (pumpkin seeds), and regular medicine to repellent, Jianpi, under the breast.
Pumpkin contains starch, protein, carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus and other constituents. Its nutrient-rich, rural people often eat vegetables, and increasing importance of urban people. Not only to higher food value. And has a therapeutic effect can not be ignored. According to "Chinese Materia Medica polyanthum" set: warm pumpkin, sweet non-toxic,stomach by 2 to Moistening Lung Qi, Nong Pai Huatan, insecticide detoxification,Zhichuan, carbuncle treatment of lung and constipation, and a diuretic, such as the role of beauty. In recent years, medical experts both at home and abroad, scholars study results show that fresh pumpkin, as well as the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia (prostatic hyperplasia can be cured pumpkin seeds), the prevention of prostate cancer, atherosclerosis and gastric ulcer prevention and treatment of diabetes, such as the role of calculus.