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Superior varieties

First, early maturing varieties
1, a small disc: Man-about 2 meters long,section in the 8-10 start wearing a melon. Oblate-shaped melon, like grinding, weight 2-3 kg. Green╣¤ĂĄcooked to dark green when old was yellow when ripe, the fruit surface has longitudinal edge 10, pulp Gan face, the quality of early maturing varieties for.
2,start the Health section of the first female flower, renewable after every section of a pistillate flower 1-2, for the very early varieties. Its shape in small, cylindrical fruit, fruit green white striped face and white, about 3-5 kg weight.
Second, in late-maturing varieties
1 large pan: spread around three meters long,12-15 to start the Health section of the first female flower, melon-shaped with a small disc similar to the fruit, and weight about 7 kg of a 10, good quality.
2, camels neck: fruit large, long barrel, cutting-edge thick, fruit surface has 10 light-colored stripes, fruit surface color dark green when young, the old brown when cooked, quality Gan surface.