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Fertilizer management

Transplanted root adequate water leaching. 0.5% after urea 1-2 times to promote the growth of seedlings. Topdressing normally 2-3 times, the first man in the stretch before or closure, combined with row weeding,compound 10 kg, and the second fruit in the expansion period of 15 kilograms of fertilizer, third, as the plants growth in the second, three fruit fruit of the expansion period of 10 kilograms of fertilizer. Expanding water needs to be more fruit, it is necessary to timely irrigation. The fall of the occurrence of virus-sik and the growth of the relationship between pre-fertilizer supply, and more fertilizer to promote plant rapid growth, to avoid water shortage, can effectively reduce the incidence of virus disease. Chun-sik, more rain, drainage work should be prepared to reduce the humidity field. Autumn-shik, the latter less rain, it is necessary to do a good job working furrow irrigation.