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Powdery mildew

Pathogenic ascomycetes Asia for the door, melon and melon Erysiphaceae single capsule shell. Began in early June, the disease to the host mycelium or conidia in the winter or summer, as a source of primary infection the following year. Conidia spread by air currents or rain falls on the host leaves, the conidia produce germ tube tip and haustorium penetrated from the leaf epidermis, mycelium attached to the leaf surface, from germination to the invasion to be 24 hours, 5 days after the infection formed a white mycelium plexiform lesion, seven days after the formation of mature conidia, re-infection. Powdery mildew epidemic depends on the humidity and the possibility of growing the host generally beneficial to the prevalence of high humidity.
Control methods: the early onset, spraying 15% Triadimefon WP SC 1500 times 500-600 times or more sulfur. Technical points: early prevention, anti-noon, thoughtful and water spray. To be taken to protect smoke law, sulfur powder 45% Chlorothalonil fume or smoke smoked.
¡¾¡¿ Tropism taste of warm, sweet; Stomach.
¡¾Indications¡¿ Buzhongyiqi efficacy, insecticide detoxification, Jiangtang thirst. Qi-deficiency and chronic indications, the spleen and stomach weakness, shortness of breath fatigue, then soft, diabetes, diseases such as roundworm.