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Health recipes

1. Sweet and sour pumpkin pumpkin pills, 5OO grams of the flour, salt, white sugar and vinegar, starch, vegetable oil of the appropriate amount. Pumpkin, peeled, flesh, wash, cut, steamed cage, the removed control of water, flour, sugar, salt and so on, dough-like; pan put oil, very badly heat, reshaping the pumpkin small round spherical ball into the oil, remove when golden; pot release, but people in 100 ml of water, add salt a little sugar and starch, a little vinegar water people, but people can Autoleveller ball. This dish has Buzhong, the effectiveness of temperature in Zhixie for weak spleen and stomach of diarrhea, fatigue and other physical symptoms.
2. Haitanensis old pumpkin pumpkin soup 100 grams, 10 grams of seaweed, 20 grams of dried small shrimps, eggs 1, soy sauce, lard, rice wine, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil of the appropriate amount. Haitanensis first blisters Wash bowl beat the egg mix, dried small shrimps soaked with rice wine, pumpkin, peeled, flesh, wash, cut; and then set fire to the pot, but people lard, heat, the release of soy sauce cook in soy pan, add the right amount of water, dried small shrimps vote in person, pumpkin pieces, cook for about 30 minutes, and then input laver, 10 minutes later, will be back up one good egg pot, adding condiments Autoleveller accompli. This soup has a strong body Hugan the effect of kidney, liver and kidney is suitable for patients with reactive power consumption of the Department.
3. 250 grams pumpkin pumpkin soup. Pumpkin, peeled, flesh, wash, cut small pieces, add water in 50O ml, melon until cooked, adding seasoning to.fresh melons, morning and evening of the 1st take. This soup has a hypoglycemic effect thirst, diabetes patients often use.
4. Pumpkin Pumpkin, 25O g of the liver, salt, MSG, sesame oil, the appropriate amount. First pumpkin, peeled, flesh, wash, cut; liver biopsy Wash; were colleagues for more than two pot, add water 1000 milliliters,melon until cooked, adding seasoning Autoleveller accompli. This soup has Jianpi Mingmu Yanggan the effectiveness of long-term drinking of a certain treatment night blindness.