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Private practices: China's southern region, during the beginning of spring, every family to eat pumpkin, to show to greet the spring. A number of literati in the compact is about to mature, "Peach Pumpkin" bearing epidermal pattern poetry or, as the melon matures, and it left a beautiful pictures and poems, put it on hold at the desk can be added to life . Many countries in the West every year for Halloween on October 31, people with a pumpkin light to produce beautiful pumpkin lights,use it to avoid the ghosts, to celebrate the festival.
Customs: in China's Hunan Shaoyang area of a Miao village, the villagers for generations have all the year round eating pumpkin eating habits. Health departments in the survey found that residents of this village very few patients suffering from anemia. Not only the original pumpkin is rich in sugars, starch, fat and protein and, more importantly, contains essential trace elements in human blood iron and zinc. Which constitute the blood iron is an important component of red blood cells, zinc directly affects the function of mature red blood cells. It appears that people spread "pumpkin blood" certainly has some scientific truth.
Historical legends; Qing sea salt has a celebrity Zhang Yi-tang, juvenile studious, smart people, but suffer from lack of means, no money to pay tuition fees. At that time, asked the University to have a family who called the King, Zhang Tong For al his art teacher. The first door on the division, behind their backs a big, containing a gift to the teacher. To the teacher's house, he put down a heavy bag, from which two large pumpkins, each weighing about a dozen already. Read others are laughing, and Mr. Ding Jingshen are pleased by it, and melon on the spot cooking prepared meals, hospitality students only pumpkin dish meal, but the teachers and students have to eat with relish. In the sea area, "Pumpkin Man" has been pass from mouth to mouth.
Foreign legend: lantern pumpkin carving space when the story of Ireland from ancient times. The story is that a person named JACK is a drunkard and a mischievous love. JACK day to the devil to deceive on the tree, then carved in the tree stump on a cross, he did not dare to intimidate the devil down, and then pledge JACK with demons, the devil agreed to let the light so that JACK conditions will never be a crime under his tree. JACK's death, the soul is neither heaven nor hell, and he had no choice but to rely on the soul of a small candle in his follow guidelines between heaven and earth. In the ancient Irish legend, which is the root of small candles in a hollowing out of the carrot placed in, called "JACK LANTERNS", and the evolution of ancient radish to light today, it is to do the pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern the . It is said that the Irish people in the United States soon found that regardless of pumpkin carving is from the source and edge than the carrot, the pumpkin on the Halloween has become a pet.
Pumpkin India in recent years, the world's large new varieties of pumpkin. It has a fast-growing, multi, melons big, thick flesh, high yield, good quality, disease resistance, drought resistance, easier management and and so on. The technology, introduced its cultivation is as follows: I. General Characteristics pumpkin India 5000-7000 kg per mu,30-40 kg,de 9-10 cm. Melon orange outer skin is red, bright color. Round or oblate-type, but also a long round. Mian Xiang taste, no smell. Growing period 130-140 days, can be planted all over the country. Pumpkin roots developed in India, no main root, lateral roots as much as 10-14. Stem diameter, leaf, and photosynthesis, and melon seedlings Armstrong, and wide adaptability, without. Resistant storage and recovery from early October can be the natural storage of the end of March the following year.