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Cultivation and management technologies

1. Soil preparation, fertilization, pumpkin Filming in India with high yields, fertilizer demand should grow in the sandy loam is better. with beans, potato, corn stubble for good, not the election Guardia cropping cultivation. preparation, four meters wide, the length depending on the cultivation of the plants. 20 days before planting site preparation, planting line should be slightly higher than the stem, creeping line 2-3 cm. This is done to the mid-and late topdressing when watering, water melon and the stem does not prevent rotten melon.high-quality manure from 4000 to 5000 kg, 10-15 kg fertilizer. Fertilization night 15-20 cm, width should be not deep and the width of 50 cm radius to be used better. Open to the best to increase the absorption area of roots, not. After fertilizer facilities, shops film. Plastic 50 cm wide, long as the seed production rate. Planted 7-10 days prior to Filming, tight seal around the pressure.
2. Hormone processing in order to promote early seed germination, growth, healthy and high yield, seed production before the use of Hope ABT4 No. 4-hour soaking 20ppm. After leaching with water wash Amoy into the container with the germination period, temperature 20 íŠ to 25 íŠ, Sabu overlying wetlands. Washing once a day until the seeds after demand.
3. Guyu a timely manner before and after planting in the north, the south prior to planting in the vicinity of cemeteries,1-2, on-demand. Broadcast with a wooden bar at 2-3 cm deep hole, 1 m spacing in the rows, acres of 300-500. Broadcast will be fine with Soil Seal hole. Arch via the cold northern region, shed 30 to 40 cm high, 50-60 cm wide to prevent Frostbite. After frosty period. Regular checks after sowing, seedlings to prevent ignition.
4. Management to India pumpkin mainly melon no root. In more than two meters away from the roots, or 10-12 pairs of leaves melon Department to stay 1-2. Such as for a single big melon, it is best to stay one. Such as for seed, and Ecuador, optional stay 2-3. When the melon to stay firmly secured, the remaining will be removed melon. After leaving de growth to 10-12 when the crop leaves, spread around four meters reservations, Guatemala before leaving the leaves to increase the nutrition area,be erased. Strong growth in India pumpkin, Cayman longifolia, and to prevent seedling fold increase root growth, and promote increased body melon should be carried out with the growth spread, buried 3-5 cm. Department in into bow to pressure, so that weight gain melon. In order to improve pollination flowering fruit setting rate of artificial pollination should be carried out. Will be open beginning Flip off the male flower on the female flower to pollination. Useless at the end of the male flower to open before the removal, reduction of nutrient consumption. Not the same strain of pollination. When spraying hormones and dressing up to more than 10 kg should be timely topdressing.water up 2-3 kilograms, 100 grams of diammonium, sub-points 3-5 nitrogen, after the irrigation facilities. May also be in both sides of the trenching fertilization, root, melon, leaf growth. Pumpkin growing in abundance to 1000ppm agricultural spraying 10,000 times Bao Su-sik, a good multi-effect (6 grams per 1 packet) and so on. Prevent the growth of India at the end of any pumpkin pests, diseases have a mosaic disease, such as root rot. Contour-type should be 200 times spray Bordeaux mixture, or anti-dry-ling, etc. Kejunling, such as the incidence of severe cases can be taken to combat. Melon pumpkin pad when the Indian growth to 20-30 kg, the use straw or wicker mats melon into a circle. Each de pad 2-3 (can also be a rock), from the ground to make it 3-5 cm to prevent rotten melon, melon and consistent coloring.
5. Body in time to harvest when the melon orange, melon show edge surface, the finger by the time fixed, as a mature, harvesting should be timely, processing or storage.