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Nutritional function

1. Jiedu:
Contain vitamins and pectin, pectin adsorption good, the body can be bonded and the elimination of bacterial toxins and other harmful substances, such as heavy metals of lead, mercury and the radioactive element that can play a role in detoxification;
2. The protection of gastric mucosa to help digestion:
Pumpkin pectin can also be contained in plastic to protect gastric mucosa from rough food to stimulate and promote ulcer healing, suitable for patients with stomach trouble. Pumpkin ingredients to promote bile secretion, strengthen the peristalsis of stomach and help digest food;
3. To combat diabetes, lowering blood glucose:
Pumpkin is rich in cobalt, cobalt can be active in the body's metabolism, the promotion of hematopoietic function, and to participate in the human body's synthesis of vitamin B12 is essential for human pancreatic islet cells of the trace elements, the prevention and treatment of diabetes, lowering blood glucose have a special effect;
4. The elimination of carcinogenic substances:
Pumpkin carcinogenic nitrosamines can eliminate the role of the mutation, there are anti-cancer effect, and helps the liver, kidney function, strengthen the liver and kidney cell regeneration;
5. To promote the growth and development:
Pumpkin is rich in zinc, the body involved in nucleic acid, protein synthesis, is the inherent glucocorticoid ingredients for human growth and development of important material.
6. Control edema and hypertension of pregnancy:
Pumpkin fruit is extremely rich in nutrients. Pregnant women to eat a pumpkin flower, not only to promote development of fetal brain cells, increase their vitality, but also prevention and treatment of pregnancy edema, high blood pressure complications during pregnancy, promote coagulation and prevention of postpartum hemorrhage. Take 500 grams of pumpkin, rice 60 grams, boiled pumpkin porridge, can promote liver cell regeneration, at the same time reflects the recovery of early pregnancy loss of appetite and promote the role of physical strength.