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Cucurbitaceae sprawling pumpkin vine fruits. Also known as, pumpkin, the wax gourd, melon, such as rice. Are cultivated all over the country. Summer and autumn harvesting. Incision, remove the seeds, fresh use.
[Performance] sweet, warm. Can Buzhong, Huatan drainage, flooding roundworm.
[Reference] containing citrulline, arginine, asparagine, fenugreek base, adenine, carotene, vitamins B, C, fat, starch, glucose, sucrose, pentosan, mannitol, calcium, iron, etc. components.
[Use] for the weak gas deficiency or malnutrition; lung pyronaridine carbuncle; ascariasis.
[Usage] steamed food, cooking. Medicine can also be eaten raw.
[Note] food is more than obstruct aerial wet, so wet resistance spleen qi,swelling of the liver were not stuffy.
[Attached to]
1, pumpkin rice: rice 500g, Amoy net, add water to the seven or eight mature, filter effect; pumpkin larger half, slashing the skin, pulp removed, cut into pieces, oil, salt, after speculation that the forthcoming filter The rice was on the pumpkin, steamed back. Add a small amount of rice in boiling water before the wish to avoid pumpkin; if proper brown sugar at the same time more beautiful its flavor.
This sweet rice, non-governmental preference for food of melons. There Buzhong enhance the effect of nutrition.
2, pumpkin cooked beef: a pumpkin, washed, peeled, cut small pieces of beef with 250g, washed, cut small pieces, add water, cook together (excluding fuel, salt). At 2 or 3 times food.
From the "Lingnan Chi Herbal." Pumpkin from the side Huatan Moistening Lung, drainage,beef. For the adjuvant treatment of lung carbuncle.
3, raw pumpkin: pumpkin slices, adult chewing each 500g, children chewing each 250g, 2 hour service cathartic. Even two days served.
The role of side-drive roundworm. For ascariasis.