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Nutritional Analysis

1. To enhance immune function: soybeans are rich in protein, containing a variety of essential amino acids, can enhance human immunity;
2. To prevent hardening of the arteries: the soybean lecithin can be attached to the vessel wall to remove cholesterol and prevent hardening of the arteries, preventing cardiovascular disease, the protection of the heart. Soybean lecithin in the liver also has to prevent the excessive accumulation of fat and thus its effective prevention and treatment of obesity caused by fatty liver;
3. Pass stool Introduction: Soy contains soluble fiber, can purge as well as lower cholesterol levels;
4. Hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering: containing a soybean trypsin inhibitory substances, the role of diabetes treatment. Soybean saponins contained significant hypolipidemic effect, at the same time, inhibited weight gain;
5. Soybean isoflavone is a structure similar to estrogen with estrogenic activity phytoestrogens that can alleviate the symptoms of female climacteric syndrome, delayed cell senescence women, so that the skin to maintain flexibility, beauty, reduce bone loss, and promote bone formation, blood fat and so on.
6. Although the nutrient-rich soy, but the baby can not drink milk because it does not contain all the body needs protein, not calcium.