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Production guide

1. Soybean production of a wide range of food that can be used to produce staple food, cakes, snacks and so on. Soybean ground into a powder, after mixing with the rice flour and pastry production Tuanzi and so on, can also be used as raw materials for processing a variety of soy products, such as milk, yuba, tofu, curd, Venetian, bean sprouts and so on, not only for consumption, but also oil;
2. Health soybean containing the adverse health and thrombin-anti-trypsin, soybean should not be so raw, half-cooked bean not, not dry food;
3. Soy beans usually have a smell, a lot of people do not like it. Such as soybeans in the speculation, the drop a few drops of rice wine, and then Add a little salt, this will be much less beany flavor, or used in fried bean cold saline wash before you can achieve the same effect;
4.temperature appropriate for human consumption, not eating too much, in order to hinder digestion and cause bloating.